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an ISO 9001:2000 certified company
Our Group


Rajasthan is a leading producer of industrial minerals in the country. The Aravali Region having the oldest geological formations in the subcontinent has massive deposits of such minerals. Rajasthan is the largest producer of soapstone in the country, which produces 88% of the total output of the country. The mining leases of these minerals are concentrated within a radius 150 kms of the UDAIPUR City.

Ankur Mineral Industries was established in the year 1980 for manufacturing, processing and exporting of Soap Stone Powder (Talc / Steatite), Dolomite / Limestone Powder, Calcite / Calcium Carbonate Powder, China Clay, Mica etc. and has a proven track record of 29 years in the Aravali Region of Western Rajasthan, India. These products have wide application in paint, cosmetic, paper, plastic, ceramic, and pharma industries.

Ankur Mineral Industries has excellent manufacturing facilities and huge storage area. For every product they ensure inspection and quality check.


Ankur Mineral Industries has chosen to build on a vision to become a key player in the global Mineral powder manufacturing market. Working towards this vision. In future, we want to own more quarries and upgrade our systems further so as to meet the growing demand from international as well as domestic market.


The Mission of Ankur Mineral Industries is to provide top-quality products. Ankur Mineral Industries will work to keep employees satisfied in order to provide better products and also train them, provide them various benefits, so they are motivated to provide better productivity.


Quality Assurance

“Quality Begins With the Customer”

Ankur Mineral Industries is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and committed to manufacture premium quality products for customer satisfaction. The products are inspected at all stages with proper documentation. All the products have inspection reports and test certificates to avoid any defects. It gives customer a guarantee of quality by measuring product conformance with process and performance specifications. They firmly believe in perpetual improvement to increase effectiveness and efficiency in meeting accepted customer expectations.

Quality Policy

Ankur Mineral Industries is committed to provide mutually accepted Quality Products to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their specified requirements in time, at a competitive price, through total dedication and teamwork of its employees and continual improvement in the “Quality Management System."